An Evening In Bal Harbour with The Healer's Collection Founders


Women from all over Miami joined together on Monday, September 4th 2023 to welcome Joyce Azria, Sarit Shaer & Rachie Shnay in Bal Harbour at the home of Shena Falic Dominitz. The theme of the evening, healing. A beautiful atmosphere as women began to meet one another and chat before Sarit Shaer would begin her talk. A beautiful spread by KRUDO restaurant the women customized their poke bowls and settled into the nights spirit. 

Founder, Rachie Shnay kicked off the evening with a big thank you to the Falic and Dominitz family for welcoming the audience into their home and focusing on how this nights healing talk would be a direct blessing for their kindness and generosity. Sarit followed by a moving conversation on the subject of authenticity. Just how powerful is authenticity? How does the body get effected when we are not aligned with this powerful attribute? These ideas and questions all discussed in depth and brought tears and aha moments for all those in attendance.

The talk was followed by women lining up to meet and greet Sarit, each one for a few moments receiving clarity and a recommendation of what healing stones would be of benefit for their body balance. Founder, Joyce Azria shared "women who are attracted to mineral healing have often times exhausted other options and treatments for their ailments, I feel like when they find The Healer's Collection they are often in a state of awareness that healing comes from Above. G-d given minerals found in the earth begins to foster a deeper connection to their infinite connection to G-d often allowing them to open the journey back to balance." 

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