Our Stones

PRECISION - Firmly upholding the ultimate degree of refinement, accuracy & balanced mineral infusion. Exactness in combination for optimal emotion/physical accuracy.

PURITY - Purity of process, materials and formulations, carefully selected to be free from any addition, admixture or anything that contaminates, pollutes, or debases. AAA quality healing.

EFFICACY - Successful solutions that are gentle and effective to perform their task to a triumphant degree. 


SOURCING REGION - Free from contamination and natural to its origin.

ENERGETIC CHARGE - Selected in rapport to emotional support required.

COLOR - Level of efficacy and grade.

RICHNESS - Ability to deliver mineral infusion to the highest degree.

POTENCY - Overall purity to optimally perform its task.

COMBINATION - Balanced to elicit emotional/physical reaction from the body.