How do The Healer's Collection products work? 

The skin is the body's largest organ and allows for mineral intake in the most symbiotic way. Our products offer A+ - AAA+ grade stones and crystals in precise combinations by Jerusalem based crystal healer, Sarit Shaer. Every product uses stones and crystals for a variety of ailments developed to aid in restoring the body back to a state of balance. Pouring over centuries of crystal healing literature and application, Sarit's custom products are a tribute to her treatment methodology of thousands of clients from all over the globe through safe and natural mineral healing work. 

What is the driving force behind The Healer's Collection?

Everything in life is ultimately good and G-d provides all healing within nature. 

Can I wear multiple combinations at the same time?

Yes, all bracelets can be worn together and multiple sets are a statement and enjoyable to wear. Most clients start out with one to two sets, fall in love and keep coming back for more!

How do you choose?

Choosing what product is right for you reveals an authenticity that is key to the journey towards balance. The connection you feel when reading our descriptions and gazing at the stones are powerful elements when choosing what resonates most with you. Trust yourself to choose what is best for you and know that whatever choice you make, balance is the goal.

How often should I be wearing my bracelets?

We know you will love The Healer's Collection products as much as we do and from our experience, we simply cant part from our beloved pieces.

Can I wear one and not the pair of The Healer's Collection Bracelets?   

To maximize potential, we suggest wearing both bracelets that come in a set. An adult under 200 pounds (90 kilograms)  is recommended to wear the pair for best results. For adults over 200 pounds it is best to increase to two sets or four bracelets. Children are recommended to wear no more that 4 single bracelets.

Can I wear it in the shower or swimming?

Like most fine products, The Healer's Collection products can be worn for showering but contact with chlorine and salt water are not recommended.

Will my bracelets tarnish?

No : )

Is there gift wrapping available?

All orders will arrive in a beautiful custom sueded pouch, tissue paper, luxury gift bag and branded box, we pride ourselves in a calming and vitalizing experience weather it is gifted to yourself or to others.

Can I wear them with my other jewelry?

Yes, while they can be worn alone they can also be worn with your favorite pieces.

Are The Healer's Collection products hazardous?

Please make sure to never put stones or bracelets in mouth and do not leave children or babies unattended with bracelets as they can present a choking hazard. Small parts should always be supervised to ensure safety.