A night to remember.

If you haven't ever attended a Healer's Collection Soiree, you must! With shows in New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles and Miami these healing bracelets come to a town near you and win over your heart and spirit. Usually hosted in the homes of high profile women or on in elite wellness centers like Sage + Sound, the soiree feels like a total life haul. The evening starts with a meet and great and quickly centers itself in a talk about the healing properties of stones and crystals and how they benefit the mind and body, aiding with a variety of ailments from anxiety and sleep to protection and mental focus. Uncovering the mineral benefits and knowledgeably speaking about how they connect to the body's deficiencies the talk is uplifting and opens your eyes to alternative healing arts, to say the least. Torah sources are discussed and stories about clients lives have changed roll into focus and soon tears and smiles fill the room. The crowd becomes one after a powerful healing talk brings everyone in the room together. After this moving talk you are ushered into a space to discover this healing modality in real life, you browse the beautiful bracelet and receive custom suggestions as to what bracelet is right for you! This is truly a night to remember.