It’s not magic. It's minerals.

At The Healer's Collection the founders are not pushing placebo effect but rather they pride themselves on pushing minerals found within the earth for the purpose of creating balance where the body is deficient. All taken in through the body’s largest organ - the skin, these bracelets are shift agents and are beloved from celebrity to the everyday woman. This female led small business is flooded with reviews and testimonials on how people have seen real results from its minerals and not some kind of magic. Money Magnet, a bracelet created for attracting wealth is amongst the best sellers. In the words of Sarit Shaer the brand’s visionary and world renowned celebrity healer, “one must cleanse themselves of all shame they carry and be willing to embrace all of the sweetness and pleasures life has to offer”. The use of Citrine, Honey Quartz, Selenite and Rutilated Quartz work in harmonious combination to release financial blockages while simultaneously activating courage, clarity and abundance. Well that is something we could all use. Another best seller for this wellness business is the womens, mens and kids Anxiety Free bracelets. Some clients can't leave home without them, for some the effects were instant. The use of powerful Amethyst, Garnet, Tiger Iron Eye and (thought calming crystal) Yellow Tiger Eye work to combat anxiety while activating serenity, inner peace & calm. Healer Sarit Shaer says that a person is only ever calm when they are intuitive, relaxed and feel in control of their thoughts. Yes so true! We will take them all!!