Accessories with Purpose

Accessories with Purpose

Mineral healing is the big craze as people from all over the world look for more gentle healing modalities to deal with common complaints like depression, anxiety, body pains and spiritual blockages. Many carry a mood of "every day feels like a Monday," filled with pressure and stress.

In 2023, The Healer's Collection brought mineral healing to the mainstream accessory market with its offering of under $300 top quality stones and crystals each set of Healer's Bracelets targeting common complaints related to mind, body and spirit. In late 2023 The Healer's Collection brand was no longer reserved to the elite Upper East Side crowd and health oriented following, the collection made its way to Nordstrom launching both women's and men's healer's bracelets last November.

Best Sellers include the HOT Money Max bracelet and Anxiety Free! Effective for releasing shame and targeting kidney support, to allow the body to release money traumas in the most symbiotic and gentle way, the Money Max is a favorite for its neutral coloration and sleek, trendy design. Anxiety Free has over 20 - 5 star review like "helps me a lot, I don't know if its mental but it really helps me," "Very calming" and "definitely feel a difference."

What's new for The Healer's Collection? DIAMONDS, yes that is right! This lux offering just got a little more shine. "Customers cant take the bracelets off they simply love them, it made sense to just up the materials so these meaningful and effective results could be worn in a way that was a little more dressed up," says Founder, Joyce Azria about the latest additions.

It's exciting to see how people are opening up to wellness and creating balance and wellbeing for the body allowing new products to surface and bring back some ancient medicinal practices that have withstood the test of time. Time to revisit your childhood stone collection and connect to the power of nature and the earth's medicine.

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